How to Make Money Fast on YouTube Without Showing your Face

YouTube is one of the greatest money making opportunities of our lifetime and a lot of us wanted to get into YouTube but the fact we need to get in front of the camera and show our face stops us. Now, don’t worry — it’s not always the case. I have personally built a lot of channels without showing my face and it is possible to make money on YouTube without showing your face and without actually making any videos yourself.

Let’s get into it right away !

I will show you a lot of example channels where you don’t actually make the videos yourself and still make money. Pretty confusing right ? Now be with me for a second. The simple route is, we just outsource the video production to a content production team and oversee it. It’s that simple. So we don’t actually make videos of our own.

Example Channels include:

Top 5 Best

Natural Cures

Future Tech


A lot of these channels make a good income every month on YouTube and it’s not that hard to do what they do if you actually know the step by step process and I will explain you exactly how to do that.

You can see we have made use of Socialblade — a popular website among you tubers and social media influencers to check stats of their own channel and other channels as well.

You would have already come across a lot of these channels without knowing these are actually created by individuals like you and me who hire others to create these videos :) These are simply called — cash cow channels / faceless automated channels. And these channel types simply do not require anyone to show their actual faces. And a simple fact that these channels make money on YouTube without making any videos themselves is an opportunity for all of us.

How to create cash cow YouTube channels :

This involves the following key processes :

Niche Selection -> Content ideation -> Hiring Freelancers -> Script Writing -> Voice Over -> Video Production -> Thumbnail Designer

Niche Selection :

The first step is to come up with niche ideas. There are lot of niches out there and a few popular YouTube niches for making faceless channels includes general, business, tech, luxury, celebrity ,health and sports niche etc…

Content ideation:

Content ideation is brainstorming a lot of content ideas by seeing other channels and getting inspiration from them. This step becomes easier if you actually choose a niche you are interested in rather than choosing a niche that you think is popular but you don’t have knowledge about. Choose topics that are evergreen and trending as well. By selecting in such a way you tend to get traffic consistently to your videos.

Check this complete step by step video that shows how to make money without actually showing your face or creating any videos yourself

Hiring Freelancers :

There are lot of good places where you can hire freelancers to create videos for you.

Some renowned places includes:




(Script Writing — voice over -video editing-thumbnail designs) These steps can be completed by hiring freelancers from these websites. Compared to the three we have mentioned , Fiverr is lot easier in finding the right talents due to their sophisticated system of finding talents based on exact needs and reviews. Highly recommend checking it out.

Creating Videos the easy way :

If you already know video editing, and only need voice over and script writer for your videos, so you can save some money — there are good places where you can find royalty free content.


This is a free stock website where you can find a wide range of stock footages in different niches which you can use in your videos. All most all of the stock footages here are royalty free i.e you can use it freely on your videos.


This is similar to pixels and also free.


This is a premium stock footage website where you can find millions of stock videos almost in every niche you can think of and it’s annual subscription is not too high for the wide range of collection it offers.

Music :

You can include music for the videos you are creating through YouTube audio library. This is one of the best features YouTube gives to its creators. A wide collection of royalty free music you can use on your videos. It doesn’t get simpler than this guys.

How to optimize your videos for best results

I highly recommend checking this medium post that teaches you everything you need to rank your videos higher.

Video optimization however includes the following basic things in place:

Keyword in title

Keyword in description

Keyword in tags

Example :

Video topic : Top 10 Richest Celebrities in USA

Main keyword : Richest celebrities in USA

Make sure the main keyword is added in all the three places so it gives you higher chances to rank better in YouTube search.

How to multiply your YouTube earnings:

Though AdSense seems to be the go to monetization method for a lot of creators — a majority of you tubers also make use of affiliate marketing to make a lot of money. Be sure to watch the video mentioned above where I talk about the same.

Hope this post gives you some valuable insights on how to make money on YouTube without showing your face and creating videos yourself. The concept isn’t too hard to implement and there are tons of YouTube channels that does this.

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